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Softub of New Hampshire is an authorized Softub Spas® partner and offers an innovative approach to water therapy, combining portability, low maintenance, and unparalleled comfort in one unique solution. Our spas are designed for those seeking therapeutic relaxation without the hassle of traditional installations. Discover how Softub Spas® can transform your relaxation experience. Learn More.

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13 standard and 3 custom colors designs to choose from.

Softub Spas distributes portable, low-maintenance water therapy solutions globally since 1986. Unique for heating without a heater, these spas are easy to set up, use, and maintain, plugging into a standard 120V outlet.

Capacity: 5-6 Persons
Outer Diameter:
79 inches
Water Capacity:
274 gallons
Number of Jets:
Therapy Seat:

The Portico™ offers extended seating for lounging on the Therapy Station™ bench while enjoying a barrier-free soaking experience. It features the Poseidon Jet, the most powerful in its class, and the highest jet count ever in a Softub®. Despite its powerful performance, the Portico™ plugs into a standard 15 Amp (115 Volts) outlet, providing affordable hydrotherapy.

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Resort® 300
Capacity: 4-6 Persons
Outer Diameter:
78 inches
Water Capacity:
300 gallons
Number of Jets:
Therapy Seat:

The spacious Resort® 300 spa offers pure comfort for up to 6 adults. With a 6½ feet diameter, it’s a family favorite. Enjoy a deeper soak with custom-built 3-inch extra depth. Features a therapy seat and pulsating jets for upper and lower back relief. Just plug into a 15 Amp (115 Volt) outlet for relaxation. Bring relaxation to your life with a Resort Tub!

Legend® 220
Capacity: 2-4 Persons
Outer Diameter:
71 inches
Water Capacity:
220 gallons
Number of Jets:
Therapy Seat:

The original Softub® model from 1986 remains a top seller today! The Legend® 220 fits 4 adults in a compact 6-foot space, plugs into a 15 Amp outlet, and features 5 customizable jets for maximum comfort. You’ll love the multi-colored LED underwater lighting!

Sportster® 140
Capacity: 1-2 Persons
Outer Diameter:
59 inches
Water Capacity:
140 gallons
Number of Jets:
Therapy Seat:

The Sportster® 140 spa is a compact and affordable option for limited spaces. It’s lightweight, portable, and can be easily set up indoors or outdoors. With efficient electricity use, it provides comfort and quality heating at a lower cost compared to industry standards.


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The Spa Side Handrail™ provides stylish and user friendly assistance getting into and out of the spa.

This device provides 360° of movement and is able to lock in position for safety and peace of mind. The under-mount base is held firmly in place by the weight of the water. The attractive carbon gray powder coat is accented by a battery-powered LED light located on the interior curve of the rail.


  • Undermount design
  • Swivels and locks in any position to provide ease of entry and exit
  • Soft blue LED light illuminates the end of the grab bar
  • For spas up to 40” in height
  • Durable powder-coated finish

Natural Wood Surround

Natural Surround

Boca Rattan Surround

Boca Surround


Keep the sun and elements off of you while you soak!


The Softub Spas Softcare Water Treatment Kit includes all products you’ll need to get your Softub Spa up and running.

Spa Pillow

Lean back and rest your head.


FROG @ease combines sanitizing minerals with SmartChlor® Technology to kill bacteria two ways. The result is Fresh Mineral Water® that’s silky soft with far less odors and the easiest water to maintain because it’s self-regulating.

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